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Veronica and Paddy Murphy

Veronica _ Paddy (Mam and Dad) on their weeding day the 8th of August 1964.jpg

Veronica (Mam) and Paddy (Dad) Murphy got  married on  August the 6th 1964.  They got married in South Church Cork City.  They had a wedding breakfast in Montenottee and honeymooned in Salthill Galway


The loved each other very much and had seven children and 19 grandchildren (and counting).  The children and grandchildren was what Mam and Dad held closest to their hearts and cherished them all dearly. 

Children & Grand Children (as of May 2023)

  • Mark Murphy

    • Owen​

  • Colm Murphy

    • Rachel & Lauren​

  • Kevin Murphy

    • Aideen, Diarmuid, Leah & Fergus​

  • Raymond Murphy

    • Conor​

  • Gillian Murphy

    • ​ Gráinne, Paudie, Eanna, Donnacha, Macdara and Alannah

  • Brian Murphy

    • ​Kate, Ella, Cian and Tomas

  • Grace Murphy

    • ​Emma

We can't forget the dogs either. We always had dogs and they made home a home. Most recently a black and white springer spaniel named Buddy and before him was an old English sheepdog named fowler.  The longest dog from my memory was a Springer spaniel named Sam who burst every football we had.

Page managed by son, Mark Murphy

Veronica Murphy

Grannie _ Grandad with Donnocha on his first holy communion day.JPG

Veronica (Veron) Murphy

19/10/1943 -  08/03/2023 

Veronica Murphy, affectionately known as Veron, was born on October 19, 1943, in Cork City, Ireland. She departed from this world, leaving behind a legacy of love and cherished memories. Veronica was the second child among her siblings Michael, Dermot, Ursula, and John. She was born to Pauline Kiely, a shopkeeper, and Tim Kiely, who worked in security. Throughout her life, Veronica touched the hearts of those around her with her warmth, kindness, and unwavering love for her family. Her presence will be deeply missed, but her spirit will forever live on in the hearts of all who knew and loved her. May she rest in eternal peace.

Early Childhood:


Veronica's exceptional mathematical skills brought her joy and later led her to a position in the accounts department at Cahses (Brown Thomas). She cherished the moments spent with her mother on their front step, observing life and providing lively commentary. She found companionship and delight in playing games with her dear friend Betty Keating.

Working Life:

Veronica's early responsibilities included helping in the family shop and collecting debts owed. Summers saw her working at Roches Stores. Though she had to give up her job upon marriage, she briefly returned to work before focusing on starting her own family. Her nurturing nature extended to her role as a beloved "mom" to children in the area.

Significant Places:


Veronica's deep connection to Cork City, her birthplace, and her subsequent home in Innishannon brought her happiness and a sense of belonging.

Social Activities and Interests:

Veronica's passion for knitting allowed her to create numerous jumpers, leading to a heartwarming moment when her sons were mistaken for uniformed band members. She found joy in attending concerts, with Daniel O'Donnell and the Three Tenors among her favorite artists. Trips to Knock and Lourdes provided her with spiritual fulfillment. Shopping for bargains was an activity she relished.


Significant Life Events:

Veronica's active involvement in her grandchildren's lives brought her immense happiness. Traveling with her husband, especially to destinations like Rome, Portugal, Lourdes, and Boston/Cape Cod, created cherished memories.

Veronica's resilience in the face of health challenges throughout her life is a testament to her enduring spirit. May she rest in eternal peace. 

Paddy Murphy

Dads birthday 2019.jpeg

The Late Paddy Murphy

03/03/1936 - 23/11/2022

Patrick Joseph Murphy was also known as Paddy, PadJoe, and PadJ.  He was born on March 3, 1936, at Cottage Hospital Bandon in Innishannon. Born to a talented tailor, Hannah Deasy and Tomas Murphy, Paddy was the eighth child among his ten siblings, Nell, Danny, Tom, Michael, Mary, Anthony, Margaret, Kitty, and Martha. Paddy's presence brought joy and warmth to the lives of his family and friends, and his memory will forever be held dear in their hearts. May he rest in eternal peace.

It was always great to listen to Dad recall his early childhood. 

He also shared the adventures of swimming in the Bandon River, making reed flotation devices, and practising diving after a soap.  It's great to imagine how he was back then.

My favourite story of all is then one was that he and his siblings used to take a donkey and cart to visit relatives and collect potatoes, with the donkey's mood usually determining the pace of their travels.  What amazing memories. 

In his early years, Dad found joy and fulfilment in farm work, engaging in tasks such as picking stones from fields and harvesting turnips or potatoes. As he grew older, he honed his skills and became a highly proficient plasterer, known for his speed and expertise in the trade. His talents took him to various church roofs, including those in Innishannon, Kilbrittain, and the Mountain Church in Ballinhassig. Through his craftsmanship, he left a lasting mark on these significant structures, bringing happiness to both himself and those who admired his work.

Dad found happiness in his gardening endeavors, dedicating many years to cultivating a variety of vegetables for the family. From staple crops like potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and onions to more diverse options, such as tomatoes, strawberries, and lettuce, his green thumb brought abundance and nourishment to their home. Retirement allowed him to expand his gardening passion further, utilizing a polytunnel to experiment with new crops and flavors.

While he cherished being in the comfort of his own home, Dad also enjoyed venturing out for simple pleasures. Whether it was a trip to Garretstown or Kinsale for a delightful summer ice cream or a warming bag of chips during winter, these small outings brought him joy. Exploring the scenic beauty of Kerry over summer holidays was another cherished tradition, where he would pack a picnic for the beach and, if the weather didn't cooperate, enjoy it from the cozy shelter of the car.

Dad's love for traditional Irish music was evident, and he often entertained with a heartfelt chorus of favorites like "The Bridle on the Wall." He carried this musical spirit into his role as a parent, always singing to his children, creating a harmonious and joyful atmosphere within the family.


He will be sadly missed by us all. 

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