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Danny Nagle

11th of November 1920 - 5th of March 1987

Page managed by Danny's grandson, Danny O'Donovan

Actual Name
Daniel Joseph Ahern

Nick Names
Danny Nagle (Fighting Name)

The Irish Terror (Fighting Nickname)
Danzer Nagle (Locally known as)

Lilly Ahern from Barracks Buildings in Cork’s Northside was Danny Aherns next door neighbour and sweetheart.

Cathy Ahern was his mother but sadly passed away at the age of 36.   Danny Nagle and his siblings were then predominantly reared by Bridgie Nagle. 

Mikey ‘Hern 

Jerry Ahern

Margret Christine Ahern who was more familiarly known as Doll Geoghan

Catherine Ahern,
Michael (Danzer) Ahern
Christine Julia Ahern

Jerry Nagle (brother), Mikey A’hern (Father), Danny Nagle (aka Danny Ahern), Mary Nagle, Catherine Geoghan at 35 Coley’s Lane in Cork City circa 1946
Danny and his brother Jerry were both professional boxers in London between the years of 1943 and 1950. It’s likely that this was a homecoming occasion considering the roast dinner and nice clothes featured in this photograph with family members.

(Pictured above) Danny Nagle on his wedding day on the 14th of August  1965 with his beautiful bride Lily (Elizabeth) Ahern.  Danny is accompanied here for the cake cutting ceremony by his beautiful wife, brother in law Tess Geoghan &  his new sister in law Eileen Riordan.  They look pretty over dressed for a summer evening but no doubt the jackets were piling up in some random corner of the dance floor shortly afterwards. 

Danny Nagle held his daughter Christine alongside his wife Lilly and son Michael along with cousins in Farranree located in the Northside of Cork City in the mid 1970s. 

Peter Keneally, Danzer Nagle, Tommy Hyde.jpg

Peter Keneally, Danny Nagle & Tommy Hyde, great friends and great boxers.  Boxing shorts, light clothing and smiles all around suggests that these boxing greats just finished up a sparring session on a summer's day somewhere in Cork City.

Danny Nagle The Fighter (Professional Career)

Danny was active as a boxer most of his life.  In the beginning as an amateur and in the later stage of his career he fought in Boxing Circuses before coaching the next generation of Cork Boxers.    

You will find his professional fight record below. The articles provide a window into the experience of an Irish man fighting for money in the great halls of London over a career that spanned pre-and post-World War II.  

He was known as as "A nonstop tearaway fighter". With 85 professional fights.  Danny excelled as a boxer and was well known by his ring name 'The Irish Terror'.  The true number of fights he had is unknown but likely to be multiples of hundreds due to the game nature of Danny Nagle who was send to jump in the ring with any man at any time. 

There are currently no known video records of Danny Nagle fighting but this article really does serve as a very exciting insight to what was on offer during the glory days of professional boxing . This article is about 90% legible but a very enjoying read with the pre-fight photo speaking a thousand words while leaving lots to the imagination.  It begs to wonder what this night was like for a 27 year old Danny Nagle. 

In later life Danny (Danzer) Nagle)was recognised for his successes as an international boxer as well as his contributions to Cork boxing as a committed coach and advocate of the sport.  Pictured here with his sister Doll Geoghan on the night he was inducted to the Cork Hall of fame.  The pinnacle of what must have been many boxing-related outings throughout their lives.   May they rest in peace. 

Nice coverage on the story of Danny (Danzer) Nagle entering the Hall of Fame
- circa February 1983.

A picture in an unknown newspaper article (either 79 or 81) of Danzer Nagle as a coach (Top Left) with the well known Fr. Horgans Boxing club.  A community boxing club, where he coached local talent, which included his son Michael Ahern (aka Danzer - Bottom Right) who was a two-time Ireland champion and pictured here with a winning medal. 

It was said that Danny Nagles coaching style was consistent with his fighting style - rough and ready. There are stories of young boxer friends calling into his house to see if young Danzer wanted to come out and play but on occasion, he used to make them spar in the front room. 

"You'd call to the house for young Danzer to hang out and you end up leaving with a black eye". One of the many legends about Churchfield Green in the 80s -A working class suburb in the Northside of Cork City. 

Danzer's legacy is survived today by the memories and stories passed on from one generation to the next.  The family would like to thank all of you who helped store and save these memories, photographs and newspaper clippings for all of these many years.  Without you we would not have been able to capture this short, but precious highlight reel of the life of Danny (Danzer) Nagle. 

If you would like to contribute to this page you can contact the page manager here.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. 
We will all rise again. 
The circle of life continues before us, through our memories, and by the laughter of those that come after. 

May He Rest in Eternal Peace

His daughter (Catherine Ahern) & grandson (Danny O'Donovan) with a restored oil on canvas portrait of Danny Nagle in Knocknaheey, Cork - September 2019 

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